Introversion & Extroversion: A Friendly Chat – Part II

Please check out the video!

In which way can we improve peoples’ understanding of ‘introversion and extroversion’? In this video (also check part-I), I am asking my friend Annika a series of questions to explore her life story and to understand her insight on the topic. Hopefully, you find some valuable lessons/ideas in this video. Check part-I of this video:…
Also, check out the other version where you can find Annika is asking me questions on the same topic on her channel:

If you are new to my YouTube channel, I make content on the topic: Mental Clarity. I am finding my way in life through a series of experiments and I would love to have your support if you are interested in my projects. Feel free to click the subscribe button and be a part of my journey!

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And again, don’t forget to check out Annika’s Amazing journey on her channel:…

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